Name List Of Antarctic Animals With Funny Fact

Antarctic Animal Names And List – AntarAntarctic pets list, with photos and info. Discover the fantastic pets that stay in one of the world’s toughest settings. Antarctica is a vast icy continent at the much south of the world. It is covered in a thick layer of ice, and also bordered by the icy waters of … Read more

Mysterious Animals That Start With The Letter Z. Hope You Never Know Them

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Animals That Start With Y – Just to enrich our knowledge about the animal kingdom; here are seven animals whose names start with the letter “Z”. Zigzag Salamander The Northern Zigzag Salamander (Plethodon dorsalis) is relatively small as compared to other salamander. It is only about six to 11 cm long. Zigzag salamander’s abdomen carries … Read more

Animals That Start Names With The Letter W (With Picture)

Animals That Start With W – Wallaby (Macropus agilis), Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) and also Warthog (Phacochoerus aethiopus) are a few of pets names beginning with W in the checklist of animal names listed below. Wallaby The wallaby is a small to medium sized marsupial found on the Australian continent and its surrounding islands. Today there are … Read more

Special Animal That Start Name With The Letter U

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Animals That Start With U – The animal kingdom presents us with hundreds of amazing, odd-looking and spectacular animals. Among these creatures include 7 spectacular animals whose names starts with the letter U. Read on to learn more about them. Uakari The Uakaris are four extant species of strange-looking monkeys inhabiting rain forests along the … Read more